From the horse and buggy to flight, Americans have excelled at developing better and faster transportation.  Test your knowledge of transportation history on land and sea.


As we moved from farms to cities, we needed access to goods and services.  Test your knowledge of business and finance, advertising and new products, from the 1700s - 1900s.

Social Change

What do you know about social change?  America transitioned from a largely rural country to cities, immigrants brought their customs and skills into cities and towns, war and strife changed policies and culture...what do you know about that?


From the industrial revolution to early factories, the building of wealth, innovation in power sources and the development of the infrastructure that we depend on today, what do you know about the industrialization of America?  How did they come up with all those ideas?

Rural Life

Our beginnings were rural.  What do you know about farm living in the 1600s - 1900s, in the North, South, East and West?  How did farming change to what it is today?  What part did farms and farmers play in our history?  How did Americans live in each century?

Like History Trivia?  Get the Game!

Past Times is a trivia game that takes you back in time to an earlier America.  What do you know about rural life, social change, the movement from home crafted items to an industrial society?

Our game lets you take history into your home or classroom, test what you know and learn what you never knew, but always wondered.

Game Contents

  • Play mat, 24x14
  • Die
  • Four score cards
  • 24 scoring tokens
  • Four game pieces
  • Trivia questions in six categories


President's Add-on Pack

25 questions about POTUS.  Use as an add-on to the Social Change category, or use as a stand-alone activity.


Sample Questions